Friday, September 5, 2014

If a person doesn't appreciate

"If a person doesn't appreciate" Don’t ever forget your own self respect. Life is just to short to have to keep proving ones self to others. Whether someone likes you or not is really none of your business, only you have to like you. Worry about the if all the time and you miss out on life itself. Not everyone will fit with everyone. Personalities and lifestyles do clash. Be you, those who like you will like you, just the way you are. To love and to respect yourself and your own needs, is one of the most important lessons to learn for finding satisfaction and happiness in life. Don’t go begging for love, it is the worst type of indigence a person can have. No matter how good a person you are there’s always someone out there who think their self worth is better than yours. We all are God’s children. When it comes right down to it when someone doesn’t like you, it’s because they are jealous & have issues. If you must hanker after other people’s approval instead of God’s, it means your self-esteem is at an all-time low. Those who appreciate you will only see the best in you, never the worst. They may be very few and far between, but those are the ones you need in your life.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Just because something isn't happening right now

Patience is a virtue and god will make things happen all in good time. If something is not happening for you it doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen. It means you’re not ready for it. It’s important to remember that if something isn’t working, you shouldn’t just give up. Instead, give it time. If you keep trying you’ll be ready at some point down the line and you’ll eventually achieve your goal. & we must keep telling ourselves that something good will happen. Something good is happening. You are alive, you are breathing, you are able to enjoy the gifts of life that are given to you. You should have a gift to give back. The gift of being grateful for what you have. Wake up each morning with a determination to be happy. No matter what. Life will change for you in a positive way no matter the maelstrom around you. When times is rough and unkind, the only thing that we can hold on is God. Although sometimes we’re losing it, but if we continue to have faith and believing that there’s hope for everything “GOD” almighty is with us. (PRAYER IS THE ANSWER)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nueve palabras peligrosas

1) OK: Esta es la palabra que las mujeres utilizan para finalizar una discusión cuando han decidido que ellas tienen la razón y que tú eres un pinche pendejo 2) CINCO MINUTOS: a)Si ella se está arreglando, significa MEDIA HORA, pero... b)Si te ha pedido que la ayudes en algo, son exactamente cinco minutos. 3) NADA: Es la calma antes de la tormenta. Significa ALGO y deberías estar totalmente alerta. Las discusiones que empiezan con NADA, normalmente acaban con OK (Ver punto 1). 4) NO HAY PROBLEMA, ADELANTE ... HAZLO o NO, NO ME MOLESTA: Es un reto, y para nada el permiso de que hagas lo que estas planeando. Ni se te ocurra hacerlo! Si lo haces, ya te cargó .... 5) GRAN SUSPIRO: En realidad, el suspiro es una palabra; pero habitualmente los hombres no la entienden. Un suspiro alto y claro significa que ella piensa que eres idiota y se pregunta porqué esta perdiendo el tiempo discutiendo por NADA (Ver punto 3 para entender el significado de NADA). 6) MUY BIEN: Esta es una de las frases más peligrosas que una mujer puede decir a un hombre. MUY BIEN significa que ella meditará cuidadosamente antes de decidir cómo y cuándo pagarás por tu equivocación. 7) GRACIAS: Si una mujer te agradece algo, no preguntes, no te sorprendas, no dudes,solo di DE NADA y hazte güey. 8) ES IGUAL o ME DA LO MISMO: Es la forma femenina de mandarte a chingar a tu madre. 9) COMO (DONDE) TÚ QUIERAS... Otra frase peligrosa que significa otro reto: a ver si adivinas qué es lo que ella quiere y lo haces. Si no le atinas, estás perdido y te dirá OK (Ver punto 1).Ella medirá entonces qué tanto la conoces o qué tanto valoras sus deseos no explícitos.

Friday, July 18, 2014

U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing - U.S. Currency


Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm BACK!! Haha!

Hey hows everyone doing this fine warm day? Hope all is well with you all! Have not posted anything in quite sometime. But am back and ready to post! :) With my new laptop. So sit back and enjoy the ride! Lol! :)

I was given the number 11

1 I'm a strong believer in God! You can't go wrong with him. But please don't invite me to your Church. 2 I may not show it, but fam and true friends are important to me. 3 my bestFriend Alvin & my Mom: are my heros! :) 4 I'm a dieHardYankeeFan! Talk BS about them, there's going to be hell to pay! 5 I love all types of music. As long as it isn't metal. That devil music. Lol! 6 I'm a layback dude. 7 I'm kind, loyal, and nurturing. 8 I don't like conflict. 9 I make a good listener and I am sympathetic to the needs of others. 10 I'm the one that can get my friends and loved ones through a difficult period, even if I'm suffering. I'm very perceptive of others. 11 I consider myself to be, a GoodLookingNigga. :)