Monday, May 30, 2016

Stop trusting their words & ignoring their actions

Loving one’s self is one of the most important thing a person can do. If you don’t love yourself, how do you love someone else! People do not change, unless they choose by their own volition. People will take advantage of you, especially when you do not value yourself. Treat others as you expect to be treated and hope for the best but never expect anything of anyone, other than YOURSELF. Wasting time and caring for the wrong people when the ones you should be concentrating on are slipping away. It’s hard loving someone for so many years and just stopping after many years but we have to learn to love ourselves enough that we put Us first and the rest falls into place.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Share Your Faith

Did you know there are times when some people may depend on your relationship with God? Most pastors are aware of this truth. Pastors want their congregation to know that they have a good relationship with God. This is why many people will come to their pastor and share a personal concern, thinking and hoping their pastor may have a better relationship then themselves with God. This also is not uncommon. Especially for those who are not as mature in their faith as they would like to be. Some parents share such experiences with their children, the same as some pastors with their congregants, who may not be as mature in their faith at the present. It is a personal, private and most intimate time of sharing. A pastor will not only hear and receive the petition, but will also take this precious moment to teach the congregant (as well as the loving parent with the child) how to go before Holy Father for them self. The Scriptures says: "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Teach a child how to pray by praying with him or her. In our church family, some will say "Pray for me." Don't just say “I will,” but say "Let's pray together." In such intimacy, we share our faith. After two thousand years, some Christians may still think they do not know how to pray. That is nothing to be ashamed of and God already knows your heart. But what is important is to bring two or three together in the name of Jesus to pray with each other. Even if you are not physically together, you can still share such a moment with each other by phone. Remember, Christ is the bridge to make the connection. There are so many people in so many places who needs prayer. Share your faith with someone. It's a Beautiful Thing!

Have a good kind heart for those who care

Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. If you feel you’re constantly being taken for granted, go out and meet some nice new people who do appreciate your kindness. Good looks, wealth and curves don’t last, but your good heart will always be the same, so don’t worry, if you have a good heart, be rest assured that it will take you places.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

God wants to remind you:

Your struggle is not against flesh and blood...any opposition you are getting is spiritual at its root and you need to fight...not with people, but in faith, in courage, and in prayer. Don't get distracted by the personalities or the inconveniences, but stay focused on the principalities and powers that are trying to steal, kill, and destroy...and remember, if you work with Christ and keep your eyes on the cross, you can't lose.

Sometimes you need to let go.

Yes, it hurts when the things or the people we love are taken from us. Make your peace with loss. Nothing lasts forever. Like the trees in autumn, you too must learn to shed your attachments and start afresh.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Get In The Zone

Occasionally, a sports team will play so well that it would seem they are unbeatable. The sports commentator may periodically refer to this unbeatable team as being "in the zone." This is a phrase that is used to indicate the functionality of a sports team who is performing with precision and timing to perfection. When a Child of God find his or her confidence in God's purpose for their life, you will see a certainty of assurance (one has) that is accompanied by an uncommon passion, to perform a work that others may view as astonishing. This is what happened to David when he went to meet Goliath. David's confidence was his state-of-mind based on a certainty that he knew God was on his side. He had never come face to face with an enemy like this giant. All of the onlookers who saw this young man approached this genetic misprint without fear did not realized that David was in the zone. Remember, the enemy want you to think that you ought not do what God has created you to do. Yet your passion gets excited even when you think of the very thing you were created to do. See your vision and move toward it. Don't pay attention to the naysayers or the onlookers. If God calls you, He will qualify you. Not just with what you have, but also with what you don't have. The enemy will try to convince you - you are not equipped to do what God has called you to do. Feel free to do the thing you were born to do. Your challenge is to find your passion - get excited - and trust God. God will put you in the zone. God’s grace is already there waiting for you. Don’t worry about making mistakes. His Goodness and Mercy will follow you in. Get in the zone and fulfill your destiny. It's a Beautiful Thing!

You Can't Trust God with Your Fingers Crossed

With trust comes responsibility. Not to the one whom you have put your trust in, but to yourself to guard your belief, without having any doubt. There must be a steadfastness to your allegiance to the thing you give your loyalty to, in order for you to have confidence with composure. Where is the serenity and calmness if you are on the border of panic and terror when you say you have put your trust in God while having your fingers crossed? Fear without hope of rescue, while in anticipation of imminent hardship or calamity, is like anxiety on steroids. At such times, we need to totally put our trust in the One... who will give our "hope" reassurance of confidence and good posture. This way others around us may witness also that - we are not alone. If your hope is established, in Whom you have put your trust, then your faith will be activated with all self-assurance, knowing that God is with you - even before your plea. This way, regardless of your circumstances, if you know God is with you, (even in the fiery furnace), your hope is already assured despite the consequences. Trust God implicitly. You will feel so much better!