Monday, May 4, 2015

13 Things Anyone Who Loves A Highly Sensitive Person Should Know

1. We're going to cry. When we're happy, when we're sad and when we're angry. That's because highly sensitive people just naturally feel more deeply and react accordingly. 2. Not all of us are introverts. Introversion does not equal sensitivity. In fact, according to Aron's research, approximately 30 percent of highly sensitive people are extroverts. 3. Decisions make us nervous. Highly sensitive individuals are notoriously bad at making choices -- even if it's just picking out where to go to dinner. This is mostly because we agonize over the possibility of making the wrong one. (What if the food is bad?!) 4. We notice that subtle change in your tone. If you normally end each text message with an exclamation point and lately you've been using a period, you better believe we'll pick up on it. Highly sensitive people are generally more intuitive when it comes to the tiny nuances of our environment and we're more affected by shifts in other people's moods. 5. We're always willing to hear you vent. Don't be afraid to reach out to use us when you need a shoulder to lean on. Our overly-empathetic nature allows us to be excellent listeners when you need it, because when you feel pain so do we -- and we want to do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable. Highly sensitive people make excellent teachers, therapists and managers for this reason. 6. Repetitive and loud noises are the worst. Loud chewing, a barreling train, boisterous co-workers: You name it, we're sensitive to it. That's because chaotic or overstimulating environments have more of an influence on HSPs, according to Aron. 7. Our workplace habits are a bit atypical. Working from home or in a quiet space is a dream for highly sensitive people -- especially because it allows us to focus if we become too overwhelmed. However, don't let our solo work ethic fool you. "Sensitive people can use their observations to their advantage ... They're going to rise to the top," Aron previously told HuffPost. "They know how to bring ideas up without being ridiculed or scorned." HSPs also make excellent team players due to our analytical nature and thoughtfulness for others' ideas (just don't force us to make the final decision on a project). 8. Don't ask us to see that new slasher movie. That same high empathy we experience for others combined with overstimulation makes gory, violent films truly terrible for highly sensitive people. 9. Criticism is incredibly distressing. As a result, we tend to avoid anything that may cause those feelings of shame. This may mean we engage in people-pleasing or self-deprecating behavior more than most of our peers. In other words, we're far from perfect. 10. We're constantly being told we take things too personally. A joke at our expense sometimes just isn't a joke to us. We know it's a little silly to be upset, but what else are we supposed to do with all of our feelings? 11. We have a low pain tolerance. Pass the ice, please. It doesn't matter if it's a broken arm or just a stubbed toe, any injury really hurts. This is because highly sensitive people are more affected by pain than others, according to Aron's research. 12. We crave deep relationships. According to Aron, highly sensitive people tend to get more bored in marriages than non-HSP couples, mostly due to the lack of meaningful interaction that naturally occurs as time goes on. However, this doesn't necessarily mean we're dissatisfied with the relationship -- we just need to find a way to have more stimulating conversations. 13. We can't just stop being highly sensitive. A 2014 study published in the journal Brain and Behavior found that highly sensitive people experienced more activity in regions of the brain associated with empathy and awareness when exposed to pictures of emotional individuals than the average person. In other words, we're neurologically wired to behave the way that we do. With that in mind, know that the best way to love us is to support us. Try not to shame us for our sensitivity. Tell us it's okay to feel the way we do. And in return, we'll try not to tear up over your kind words (no promises, though).

Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Peace will come when you let the presence of God settle into your heart."

If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, there must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, there must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace between neighbors, there must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, there must be peace in the heart.

Friday, May 1, 2015

La Fuerza del Amor

El amor nos da el valor de: Luchar por nuestros sueños. Dar la vida por los que llevamos en el corazón. Modificar nuestra propia existencia. Cambiar nuestra manera de vivir. Rebasar el límite de nuestras potencialidades. El amor nos da la fuerza: Para respetar a los seres que amamos. Para sonreír a pesar de las adversidades. Para pedir humildemente perdón. Para comprender. Para perdonar. El amor nos da el poder: Para manifestar nuestras emociones. Para alcanzar lo que parecía imposible. Para convertir nuestros sueños en realidades. Para morir y de vivir por un ideal. El amor es la fuerza que Dios deposita en nuestro corazón para atrevernos a ser auténticos... Sólo con el amor de Dios en mi corazón podré: Amar a mi prójimo como a mí mismo. Luchar adecuadamente por mis hijos. Cuidar de mis padres. Ayudar a que mi cónyuge sea feliz. Perdonar realmente a mi enemigo. Vivir en paz con los hombres, conmigo mismo y con Dios. [Tiempo con Dios es Vida Viva]

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The enemy cannot stand the sound of joy!

Satan is always trying to bring stress into people's lives. He knows that stressed out people isolate themselves. When we think about how God has brought us through so many trials, joy is activated in our spirit! The key is to bring joy into the lives of others-even if you are having difficulties in your own life. We attract God's favor when we try to bless others and bring joy into their lives. Laughter will clean out bad air. A smile will attract other people! People want to be around joy! Don't take your gift of joy likely. Share your joy and make it your business to bring joy into the world.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

It’s So Precious and Cherished!

If we don't spend time with God, the oil in our lamp will go out. Many of our problems would go away if we would just spend30min. with God each day. One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is time alone with God. You don't have to feel God to know He is with you. You just have to know! Spending time with God will keep oil in your lamp. Then we will be able to see what God wants us to see. Our God knows how to open doors that we didn't even know were there. But He also knows how to close doors that might have been a deception waiting to confine and block us from His Grace. God teaches and instructs us by His Word. But when we fellowship with Him, He communicates to us in so many ways. He has given us a "Life Style" designed by Him. It’s so precious and cherished!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Seamos como el lápiz"

Todos los días nos levantamos buscando ser mejores, tratando de corregir nuestras imperfecciones, de reparar el daño que hicimos y procurando no volver a cometer los errores del día anterior y sin duda alguna es una tarea difícil. Hay una historia que a través de algo tan común y sencillo como un lápiz nos enseña cinco cualidades que debemos tener. Cuentan que un niñito miraba a su abuelo escribir una carta. En un momento dado le preguntó: - ¿Abuelo, estás escribiendo una historia que nos pasó a los dos? ¿Es, por casualidad, una historia sobre mí? El abuelo dejó de escribir, sonrió y respondió: - Estoy escribiendo sobre ti, es cierto. Sin embargo, más importante que las palabras, es el lápiz que estoy usando. Me gustaría que tú fueses como él cuando crezcas. - ¿Qué tiene de especial? Preguntó el nieto mientras observaba el lápiz intrigado, sin encontrar nada en particular. El abuelo le respondió: - Todo depende del modo en que mires las cosas. Hay en él cinco cualidades que, si consigues mantenerlas, harán siempre de ti una persona en paz con el mundo. Primera cualidad: Puedes hacer grandes cosas, pero no olvides nunca que existe una mano que guía tus pasos. Esta mano la llamamos Dios, y Él siempre te conducirá en dirección a su voluntad. Segunda cualidad: De vez en cuando necesitas dejar lo que estás escribiendo y usar el sacapuntas. Eso hace que el lápiz sufra un poco, pero al final, estará más afilado. Por lo tanto, debes ser capaz de soportar algunos dolores, porque te harán mejor persona. Tercera cualidad: El lápiz siempre permite que usemos una goma para borrar aquello que está mal. Entiende que corregir algo que hemos hecho no es necesariamente algo malo, sino algo importante para mantenernos en el camino de la justicia. Cuarta cualidad: Lo que realmente importa en el lápiz no es la madera ni su forma exterior, sino el grafito que hay dentro. Por lo tanto, cuida siempre de lo que sucede en tu interior. Quinta cualidad: Siempre deja una marca. De la misma manera, has de saber que todo lo que hagas en la vida, dejará trazos. Por eso intenta ser consciente de cada acción. Recuerda siempre que Dios es quien dirige tu vida. A veces pasamos por momentos difíciles porque necesitamos tener una punta más afilada para dejar mejores trazos. Intenta corregir lo que hiciste mal y no mires las apariencias, a Dios le interesa tu corazón y eso es lo que realmente importa. Finalmente siempre dejaremos una marca, por eso debemos pensar bien y actuar correctamente. Seamos ejemplo donde quiera que vayamos y que la gente pueda ver a Cristo reflejado en nuestras vidas. ”Y sé tú mismo un ejemplo para ellos al hacer todo tipo de buenas acciones. Que todo lo que hagas refleje la integridad y la seriedad de tu enseñanza. Enseña la verdad, para que no puedan criticar tu enseñanza. Entonces los que se nos oponen quedarán avergonzados y no tendrán nada malo que decir de nosotros”.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

9 tips on how to stay fit through your quit

1. Make Sticking to Your Quit Your Number One Priority Don’t let fears of weight gain or other hurdles block your road to success. 2. Exercise Strap on those walking shoes, grab those boxing gloves, or roll out that yoga mat. Exercise helps reduce tension and stress and can make you feel more relaxed and alert. Consult your doctor to create a workout plan that works best with your fitness level. 3. Keep Track of How You Feel It is important to note how you feel as you travel through your quit journey—physically and emotionally. If you're not feeling like your best self, make a plan to turn things around via diet or exercise, and consult a healthcare professional. 4. Note What You’re Eating Just as you’re learning to keep track of why and when you smoke, it’s also important to do the same with food. What triggers your food cravings? Are you using food as a replacement for smoking? It’s good to keep these urges in check as you go through your quit. 5. Eat Mindfully Controlling your weight does not necessarily mean dieting—all that is required is mindful eating. Keep a healthy weight by making smart food choices. 6. Pack In the Nutrients Part of eating well and making good food choices is packing in nutrients. Nutrient rich foods include vegetables, fruits and whole grains, like collard greens, blueberries and lentils. 7. Watch Those Sweets and Alcohol Sugar has a sneaky way of sticking on those pounds. Be careful of your sugar intake and keep in mind that though alcohol comes in a very different package than sweets, it is often packed with extra calories and sugar as well. 8. Snack Smart Keep healthy snacks on hand for when the hunger pangs hit. Carrot sticks, nuts, dried fruit or fresh fruit are great options. Toss ‘em in your bag for a convenient snack on the go. 9. Drink Lots of Water Hydration is super important to keeping off weight. Drinking water helps keep you feeling full, so make sure to have a water bottle nearby throughout your quit journey.